The Caveman Story

Before the world was created, there were cavemen! Cavemen wore clothes that were made out of tiger skins and bison skins. They kept the cavemen warm at night, because the sun used to be colder. There were many cavemen, but there was one very sad caveman named Og. Og was sad because he enjoyed riding dinosaurs, but since he was from a poor part of the cavecity, he could not ride them as often as he would like! Og was also smart. He decided to trick the dinosaur salesman. Ug sold dinosaurs to the cavemen, but for a lot of cavedollars. Og invented jujitsu and struck Ug three times: the first causing a compound fracture to Ug's right tibia, the second to the chin, shattering two incisors and forcing him to spew blood uncontrollably, and the third to the ear, rupturing the ear drum messily. Og laughed, "Now you will not exploit the good citizens of the cavecity!" Ug could not hear him because of the ear thing.