Imagine a world. A world without sorrow, misery, and pain. Legos made it happen for us and it can make it happen for you. Part game. Part magical fantasy. All

We've all experienced Legos at some point in our life. Many of us believe the extent of their enjoyment ends as we enter adolescence, however their true potential was not discovered by us until college exposed us to kinematics. This artform has allowed us to express every feeling we've encountered as of yet: angst, euphoria, depression, and lust.

11:27:32 -- the Prelude
10:18:48 -- the Prelude
11:46:34 -- the Rage
10:32:29 -- the Rage
11:59:22 -- the Aftermath
10:49:04 -- the Aftermath
10:32:18 -- the Prelude
10:49:43 -- the Rage
11:05:25 -- the Aftermath