Who is the Master?

Little is known about badicalextreme.com's resident ninja. By nature, he is a character shrouded in mystery. He is often portrayed as a thief, as a murderer, as a shadow. He is, in fact, all of these. We are his students in the Wushu Ten Dragon Rising Phoenix Ninja Clan. He is the greatest ninja master the world has ever known. He has trained such notorious ninjas as Sho Kosugi, Masaki Hatsumi, and Chris Farley. Below are pictures of other prominent ninjas trained by the Master in the recent decades.

Trained in the art of swordplay.


Trained in the art of badassness.

Trained in the art of the "A" jump - "B" strike.

Trained in the art of speed.

Trained in the art of stealth.

The Master will guide you. The Master will mold you. The Master will answer your pleads.