This is the lovely Rani, and as you can see, she's one hot and sexy teen. By teen, I definitely mean that she is over 18, and not a minor. Rani has many moods, and the one shown here is a sweet and soft side of her that very few ever see. She can be downright naughty, as you'll soon see (she even has an eyebrow piercing!!!).

This is Rani in her porn star phase, all lit up in neon Christmas lights. Note the mirror in the background, adding that final, sensuous touch.

This is the Rani as a waif, which she can pull off rather well. Note the heroin/crack addict look in her cold dark eyes, the emaciated and pale cheeks, and the downright sexy Abercrombie / Gap marketing technique. Since she is sexy like commercial ads, she must be an adult and not a minor.

Check out the wet, blond hair. This is after bleaching for those honey roots that are so very lovely to look at. Look at her eyes; it's like she's some freakin' hot model trying to sex me up, but she's actually my girlfriend!!!11

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