Andy's Badical Links!

Here are my links for your viewing pleasure. You will find that most of them are webcomics or pages about ninjas. I update them from time to time, adding shining new links and taking down the old, tired ones. They are in no semblance of order whatsoever.


Homestar Runner

By far the best web page on the internet.

Acts of Gord

Gord owned a video game store; these are his tales of stupid, stupid customers he had to deal with. Anybody who's ever worked in retail will feel vindicated by this website.

Flem Comics

A funny, malevolent webcomic.


Irritability is the most realistic comic about college ever.

Pokey the Penguin

Pokey inspires me, and he should inspire you as well.


Young Mr. Studio is the most brilliant mind on the world wide interweb.

Ninja Burger

Ninja Burger. Ninjas and Burgers, together at last.

The Official Ninja Homepage

I can't think of anything to say about this.

Enter the Ninja

A good place to go for information on ninjas, ninja movies, ninja weapons, and basically everything else that's in any way related to ninjas.

Ninja Dispatch

Send ninjas to kill your friends, family, and mortal enemies.

Toshiro Mifune

Although Toshiro Mifune played samurais in many of his movies, I'm pretty sure he was actually a ninja. Anyway, this page has a good Mifune biography, as well as images, filmography, etc.

Jacko the Roach

More webcomic goodness from Otto.

A good resource for beginning to intermediate musicians. Lots of guitar chords, piano scales, etc