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03-11-03: FINALLY, BADICAL EXTREME IS BACK IN BUSINESS!!!!!!1111. all caps writing is nothing to scoff at. thanks to the more than kind Paraphelion Corquescant, we now have our cgi hosted off campus. this change means that it actually works again. hello drawboard, hello forum, hello paragraph, and hello drawings... hello badical extreme. really, enough thanks can't be given to Paraphelion Corquescant, so go check out his site at and let him know you care. we've been away for a while, mainly because of the sadness that came with a broken site, so i posted in my journal for some current events. we'll have some updates in the near future, so keep checking back for intense badical action.

02-26-03: again, sorry for the long delay in any updates, but we've been waiting for the server problems to get fixed, which still hasn't happened. to make some sort of offering, i (casey) have devoted a special pay site to showcase my super-sexy girlfriend. Don't even bother trying to hack the password.

01-22-03: sorry about the site being down for a while but the school server was being reset. unfortunately, that also means that a lot of the things on this site are still not working since they require cgi scripts and the configuration files on the server still aren't set right. i've been in contact with the appropriate people, so it shouldn't be long before things like the forum, drawboard, and paragraph get up and running again. also, school starts next week, and hopefully we will be updating a little bit when we are all together again. i plan on doing some more of those flash animations at the very least, so perhaps that will become a regular update type thing.

01-09-03: nothing much of interest so far in the new year, but i felt it was time to change the badical paragraph, so if you haven't checked it out before, give it a whirl. hell, even if you have used it before, might as well make it say something amusing.

12-16-02: i finished my first few finals, so here's a little something in case anyone else is feeling what we are here in badical land. sorry about the large filesize, but i had to draw all those damn frames. that, of course, is found in the drawings section.

12-04-02: So... It's been a while since we've updated, but for very good reason. First, Andy got cancer, quit school, but was cured through the miracles of ancient Chinese medicine and has returned from the highlands of Tibet. Second, mike has been battling to save his girlfriend from her eating disorder and ever-present obesity. It has been an uphill struggle, but he is finally making some progress (now only two servings of dessert a day). Third, I've been working on the energy problem and devised a new efficient energy creation theory, but I had my materials seized and was paid for my silence by the government and the oil tycoons.

Well, something like that. We've really just been very lazy, apathetic, and quite frankly, badicaled out. The future of this page is uncertain since we've started running low on ideas, but hopefully the thousands of priceless memories stored on these pages will keep you all company for a while. We do, however, have big plans for the spring, which include a grand-scale anti-political campaign in our school elections. Anyway, as far as updates from now until then, we won't promise anything, but over winter break some things might go down. Thank you all you badical fans out there.

10-11-02: this update i tried my hand at flash, inspired by Root's wonderful creations. Only a couple this week, but hey, there will be more coming in the future as i get the feel for it. I also changed the format for viewing the pictures which you might have noticed, and a new temporary background is up as well.

10-03-02: this time we have a little something deferent. a long time fan of badical extreme has done something above and beyond the call of duty. see the magic Root has created and hang your heads in shame for not being as good of a badical extremist.

09-27-02: sorry i missed my update day, but i was kinda upset about doing poorly on a test i should have aced. anyway, i spent the time standardizing the page and making sure it is uniform throughout all the pages, which takes many hours of saving and uploading. it also means that you can't really tell i did anything, but if you are a true fan, you will see some differences. oh, and just to keep you happy, i added a new game.

09-24-02: mike updated with some drawings, a new mail order bride, and a banner for you to use to link to us. spread the joy.

09-22-02: andy has a new game review on fraction fever for this update. i finally have my bass guitar all paid for, so now the badical extremes are ready to rock out like no other. we already have some songs in the mix, so stay tuned for some badical music to come your way.

09-19-02: i spent hours putting the new backdrops up for the site, so that's about it from me. go ahead, check out everything and tell me if i missed some stuff. we will be able to change the background soon, very soon indeed. Oh, if you are seeing the yellow in the flash up above, dump your internet files.

09-17-02: so far so good with keeping on schedule. today's update includes some wonderful new stories by mike and a new mail order bride of the week. so far we have been keeping busy with watching the rocky series from beginning to end. well, almost. i don't think anyone is going to watch rocky V.

09-15-02: the third update of the week is andy's with new links and a new section that pays tribute to the videogames of yore. mike finally got that martin guitar he was eyeing, and so now it is up to me to finish purchasing the new instruments for the new sound of the badical extremes. we'll update the whole band section as soon as we know what the heck our band is going to be like.

09-12-02: second update for this week includes new drawings and a story. also, a new paragraph has gone up, which can always be found in the interact and words sections. this new format of the white boxes around text will be implemented slowly but surely so that we will be finally able to change the background site-wide. that changeover will probably take up most of my time working on the site and updating and things, so my updates will probably be a little light for a week or two, but don't worry; mike and andy are both updating mastas.

09-10-02: well, things are going to be a little different around here now. we actually have an update schedule, so watch for much more regular updates to the page (3 times a week baby). also, more new formats are being tested, like the new look of the drawings. to kick of the update season, we've got a new mail order bride, some drawings by mike, and a new poem. make sure you check back in a couple of days because more than just updates might be changing.

09-06-02: put up the hall of fame for the last 200 pictures. if you people want to see a different background or have some idea for the look and feel of badical extreme, post it on the forum right now. RIGHT NOW. sorry for the lack of substance, but it's the first week of school, and i'm not doing so great personally. we have been going to music stores and we're going to pick up some sweet new gear to make the badical extremes the greatest band of all time. you'll see.

09-03-02: this is the new face of badical extreme, and we hope you like it. the new format is this: we are going to post only the last two updates on the front page, but we will give you a little more insight into what we are doing around here. we've moved back into college and are settling into our new rooms. we will be updating with new things within this week, so check back soon for more badical fun. the entire process of changing over the site will take me a few days, or at least all of today, so if there are lots of glaring errors, post it in the forum so i can make sure i didn't miss anything.

08-27-02: alright, this is the week andy, mike, and i all move back into the dorms. It will be mad cray cray up in the hizouse for sheeeez. However, when we are back, we will be doing all sorts of things to the page, including a whole new look for badical extreme. So sit tight and hold on to your hats because there's a storm a brewin, and it reeks of awesomeness.

08-17-02: we've gotten back from andy's and have a new adventure ready for you. Also, don't miss the Arts and Crafts with Andy's Mom section. We've been working on page design for the whole site and have come up with a few ideas. Look for lots of changes when we get back to school in two weeks.

08-12-02: the new forum has been partially switched over to, and we have some new drawings as well as another mail order bride. what can i say, we were inspired.

08-11-02: we have started a new forum for everyone to use. hopefully it will be an acceptable alternative to millions of popups.

08-08-02: finally back from our summer mini-vacations. made lots of changes to the paragraph and put up a new one since someone was lame. they should give 12 year olds more homework.

07-24-02: andy's mom actually gave us the new paragraph for the week...

07-24-02: some updates to the page, a new question for the master, a new paragraph, and a review of your favorite cookie.

07-17-02: some modifications to the page layouts and index page. The forum and drawboard are now in the new section interact. Also, modifications to the paragraph (you people make me sick).

07-08-02: a beta version of a new interactive feature for the page: the ever-changing paragraph. Click the Help button to learn more.

07-06-02: summer work and videogames have kept us from updating, but we will try a little harder for you nice people. a little on the Holidays, some drawings from mike, and more to come soon.

06-08-02: we updated finally after school with the hall of fame for the past 400 submissions on the drawboard. enjoy.

05-17-02: a small update with new pictures drawn by casey in preparation for finals.

05-11-02: hear the brave story of General Zaragosa in honor of Cinco de Mayo. Also a new badical babe has been posted.

04-12-02: hooray, we put an update of what caesar chavez day means to us and how we celebrated this year.

04-07-02: no update. actually, i am busy until after tuesday, so hopefully then we will be coming up with some fresh stuff. sorry we have been been lax, but video games and failing classes have been our top priorities for a little while.

03-18-02: new text adventures are sure to be coming your way, so check out our new game section.

03-07-02: we did a review of spiders, and i added a very special lady in my life to my bio.

03-04-02: in honor of the one year anniversary of badicalextreme, we have a badical update bonanza of extreme proportions for you. there are more poems to look at and a bunch more pictures. mike has a new mail order bride, and last but not least, the best game yet.

03-02-02: changed the index page a bit and there are some test pages on the bottom for everyone to try. yes, they are all different, even if you don't think they are. post in the forum and tell me which one is best.

02-28-02: andy updated his links, so check them out and stuff.

02-27-02: the new hall of fame page is up for the last 200 pictures on the drawboard.

02-26-02: there is a new adventure which gives some insight into why my we haven't been updating with so many neat things lately. go check it out and stuff. due to that, new things will be coming soon, keep checking.

02-25-02: well, the page finally went back up so i could check what i had done. fixed minor things here and there and then uploaded every page over again after putting a freakin link on the bottom of them. hope people are happy or something. i also updated my links, but don't go to them. there is a secret link hidden in badical extreme on one of the main pages. don't click that either; no really, for realsies, don't click it.

02-23-02: many general site changes have been made, and i think they are finally coming to a close. a new index page has been created for those having a hard time getting around, and links are on the bottoms of all pages. the older news has been archived as well.

02-10-02: up went the casey almost died adventure. i hope you enjoy my pain.

02-9-02: the wheels are turning again here at badical extreme. we have a new and improved poetry page for that romantic in all of us. i will have a new adventure of mine up tomorrow.

01-30-02: we are getting back into the swing of things, and so i have an update with new drawings. it isn't much, but i promise more soon.

01-28-02: it is a new year and something magical has happened. the ban on badical extreme has been lifted, and we have full functionality for now. today we started school with a new semester, and we promise to have some wonderful badical things for you soon. rally the troops, we are coming home.

12-05-01: with finals coming up next week, we thought we'd throw a little something special your way. behold, the del macho challenge. also, some new pictures by casey. p.s. sorry about the sucky server problems :*

11-11-01: mike has a badical new picture to post, but this one is a little different from his others...we also have some more questions for the master.

11-10-01: almost a month since we've updated, so it's about time to get back into it. here's a new story i wrote and a new program section for you to download and try.

10-12-01: badical extreme now has its hall of fame board up with pictures from the viewers. The old archive board is going to be no more since it was a pain, so get the pictures off of it that you want because it will be gone the next time we do a hall of fame.

10-2-01: mike has drawn some new pictures and has a new mail order bride.

09-30-01: some brand new badical fights in the tournament for your enjoyment.

09-29-01: updated with a review on electricity.

09-23-01: we failed.

09-20-01: a sunburn game has now been added, as well as some new questions for the master.

09-19-01: i put up 4 lovely ladies who wanted to be badical babes, so enjoy. real photo shoots will be coming soon.

09-18-01: we have finally done another update with lots of goodness. andy and i have both done more drawings. andy has an all new links page, an updated bio, and a tribute to Galford page as well. mike has a new mail order bride of the week.

08-31-01: BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIALlll11111...! we came back to school, and after a slight delay (we were serenading the sweet, sweet ladies with our music of love), we are back in the hiz0use with a fierce wack update. we have new poems, new and improved legos, and a new asian mail order bride. also, the Master is back from his annual meditation atop Mt. Fuji. he is again answering questions, so send them in.

08-15-01: here is a great link that mike found thanks to kirt. go and enjoy.

08-13-01: hooray for the page being back up. we are sorry for the server problems we keep having (it is not our fault). mike has a new mail order bride of the week.

08-05-01: andy has done some great new updates. he has some new pictures and even two stories to add to the badical extreme pool. keep checking back for more.

08-01-01: we have lots of new wonderful updates for you thanks to mike. check out his whole slew of stories, pictures, and even a new section, Mail Order Bride of the Week! ok, that should keep you people happy for a little bit, but don't worry, there are lots more great things on the way.

07-27-01: it has been waaaay too long since we have updated and we all have our excuses. a new poem and story are up, and the drawing board and journals always have new things on them. i was expecting andy and mike to add some things tonight, but it is getting later and neither of them have been on or sent me anything. i hope they will tomorrow.

07-08-01: i have been slowly saving the drawings coming in off our doodle board in the new archive section, i also drew some more pictures. this time andy joined in the drawing fun!!!! our website is up, so you can go there for all your badical extremes desires.

07-01-01: mike drew some more pictures and i have changed the layout of the drawing section to make some room for the backup of our wonderful drawing board. we are considering buying more instruments for the band, and we are getting a page up on to get it all working.

06-26-01: i've been updating the whole page trying to get the drawing thing more incoporated like the forum is. i also made some more changes to the drawing applet and we're all happy about the amount of drawings that came in already.

06-24-01: thanks to akiraRat, we finally got the oekaki magic to work, so go check it out and start submitting your drawings!

06-17-01: mike and i put up new drawings for you to see.

06-13-01: a new review of TOM JONES.

06-12-01: heheeheheehehehehe.

06-05-01: our server is doing something screwy again, so the page isn't up, but by some twist of fate, we can update it...hmmm, anyway, a new round in the tournament from andy.

06-01-01: we are now at our respective homes and have finally worked out connections and assignments. The first of many updates is a new lego night of fun and a new game.

05-22-01: badical extreme is the most awesome powerful force in the universe. Here is proof.

05-18-01: it is friday, the last day of classes for the semester. we have a new section in us called harem. this is all about the ladies, so girls, you need to go check it out.

05-15-01: i made some updates on the insight and stories pages, but no real content has been added. there is a neat thing in other that proves we are getting famous because people are spreading the word. keep going to the forum and journals and actually add comments and post replies. we like feedback on how to make you happy.

05-14-01: OK, FINALLY WE HAVE THE BADICAL EXTREMES VIDEO OF SPRINGTIME GIRL UP. sorry it took so freakin long but we got screwed over by the internet. this semester is over in two weeks, so if there are any things you want updated or more of anything you like that require the three of us to cooperate in person, hop in the forum and leave a message ASAP. mike also put up new drawings.

05-10-01: we are still working on getting the videos up since they are so ridiculously huge it is becoming a problem, but we DO have mp3's of our great live performance for you to go download and listen to. you deserve it because we love you.

05-08-01: we will write in our journals EVERY DAY, so you will have lots of things to read every time you come back to badicalextreme. go to the forum.

05-07-01: i am a liar because we didn't put up the movies, but we were supposed to and i appreciate anyone who checked. mike will work his contacts tonight so we will hopefully have those up within a day or so. until then, check andy's tribute to panthro and keep reading our journals and posting.

05-06-01: we will put up the videos tomorrow and tonight andy mike and i started our journals for you guys to read. everyone post something in the forum right now because you aren't doing it enough. you can also post in our journals to comment on our lives.

05-02-01: today was the greatest day for straw hat and the badical extremes. we played open mic night and owned the place, had people shouting for more, and had encores requested of our great hits like springtime girl and wayne for president. We'll soon have mp3s of our work and a music video, so be ready for that crazy badical folk to come your way.

05-01-01: i put up a really mean conversation i had with a girl i know from back home, and i have some more drawings up. tomorrow is the band debut with a real audience. we will bomb, i mean, win.

04-29-01: finally, part 1 of the fight for badicalextreme mascott is underway. see rounds 1 through 3. andy's links have been updated, and i have put up some links of my own. we will try to update things more often for our dedicated viewers, so check back often.

04-26-01: A complete and total overhaul of the whole page structure. there is a new snow adventure up, and two more games. i put up the best answering machine message i've ever heard on our band page. it concerns our first real gig. we are spending this evening working on everything badicalextreme for your viewing pleasures, so look for that tomorrow.

04-24-01: some new stuff went up, including the official Badical Drink and some more of mike's drawings. sorry we haven't been posting more things, but we have another huge badical update coming with more of the battle, and we've been practicing for an upcoming open mike night.

04-17-01: we are back from break and are therefore updating the crap out of we have a whole new section STORIES!!! for your entertainment and more pictures by mike and me. soon we will have a section for drawing and submitting pictures right on line through a magical japanese creation. Andy here. It's finally happened, kids... me and Mike decided that enough was enough. That's right, we're talking about Casey and his silly flash fetish. Today, we celebrate a new beginning... we celebrate Badical Extreme... in html. Why did we do this you ask? I'll tell you why. We did this for the little guy. We did this for the folks sitting at home with 56k modems who don't want to load silly flash buttons. We did this for people with browsers so old they don't support flash. We did this for YOU. Anyway, you can still get to a flash'n'frames version of the site, if you're so inclined. Also, MAJOR update today! We're talking poems. We're talking pictures, stories, and insight. We're talking our first review: Sugar. We are talking the beginnings of the FIERY DEATH BRUTAL VIOLENCE TOURNAMENT FOR BADICAL EXTREME MASCOT. Get to it, kids, there's a lot of ground to cover.

04-05-01: we haven't forgotten about badicalextreme, and after taking 2 weeks off for depression and videogames, we are ready to kick things into high gear. we've been letting our creative juices flow, and we're about to do a site-wide update. we're talking updates ranging from poetry to the master to things never before seen, such as the championship deathmatch battle for badicalextreme mascot. we have to go home for easter break and mike's computer is a pile of crap at the moment because dell sucks my ass, but look for the joys of a rebirthing coming the week of the 16th. oh, i also made the layout a little different. the man is taking away our counter, so i am phasing in a new one that i hope will be acceptable although no where near as good as the former. is now our official site. tell everyone to go to because is how you can now get to

03-17-01: in honor of the great st. patrick's war, we updated badicalextreme. andy has an insight on the great day. we now have a new game, and we got the lego section up. go look at them, and remember our fallen comrades. the best news is that we have purchased BADICALEXTREME.COM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111 it will hopefully be up soon as the real domain.

03-14-01: mike and i have some new pictures to look at, and we'll hopefully get some cool new stuff up soon.

03-11-01: after mike and i spent a rad weekend up in the snow with the ladies, we have many new ideas for badical extreme. andy wrote a couple poems so you should read those. we are all going to spend some more time working on the page tonight rather than doing our homework. new questions for the master and andy's links too.

03-08-01: i submitted our page to lots of major search engines and added some lame links and meta tags to the index page you cant even see anyway. mike and i have new drawings for you to look at. hopefully we will increase traffic to our site, but i don't know if msn will take our url since i listed it for free as a nonprofit social service organization...

03-07-01: i uploaded andy's colorful bio to the webpage and we have 160 hits or so, so the word is spreading like genital herpes. i am looking into having a nice message post and possibly a graphical something or other, so keep checking back for new things. we will add adventures and all sorts of neat things in time. click here if you want to leave a message.

03-06-01: failed attempt to make the "punch casey in the kidneys" game, but we are making progress. we made most of the ninjas page. send questions to the master and he might answer your inconsequential queries. uploaded the "am i hot or not" game rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111 andy is finally putting his shit bio up soon. news is now the homepage and the bios are on words page.

03-05-01: we uploaded some new pictures in both mike and casey's drawings page. go there and look at them now.

03-04-01: we have news. we finally got off our lazy asses and put up a freakin webpage after only talking about it all last semester. It is a magical happy place of fun and we are proud of our efforts to better humanity.

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